Freitag, 30. Oktober 2015

Dream a little Dream - Silver trilogy #2 - Kerstin Gier

The second part of the triology. It only took me a few hours to read it. It was so thrilling and exciting.

After the dramatic ending of the first book all of them decided to stop sharing dreams for while and stay away from the dream corridor. Well at least the thought they would.

Henry and Liv continued meeting in their dreams. And sometimes they saw Arthur in there. But also a stranger appeared in their dreams, they didn't know who it was.

Dr. Senator Tod, that's how he named himself, used their dreams to practise and turned them into nightmares.

Mia started sleep walking which was a big problem. At first they didn't think of it as a bad thing but then something changed. Somebody started manipulating Mia's dreams so that she gave away Liv's and Mia's secrets.

Mia's sleep walking started to become a real problem when she began to do dangerous things. Grayson decides to go back into the dream corridor to stand on guard at Mia's door. 

After many nights they finally discover the stranger, but who it was you have to find out yourself. 

They were able to surpass the stranger. But they didn't know that this fight was just the beginning.

My opinion:
Genius, thrilling and well written. The cover shows a door of the dream corridor. The content is built up well and it closes with a happy end.

5 out of 5 stars

Montag, 26. Oktober 2015

Dream a little Dream - Silver trilogy #1- Kerstin Gier

Liv and Mia thought that they would be able to live in a real house on a long term now. But as soon as they arrive in England their dream was destroyed by her mother.

The cottage is run down, rats are living in it - it is horrible. So they had to move into an apartment temporarily. And after that they were supposed to move in Ernests house (her mothers new boyfriend) 

The family reunion was anything but harmonic. But for them it was okay. After that day Liv started dreaming about a green door with a lizard shaped door handle repeatedly.

Her new stepbrother also dreamed such things. And after a while Liv found out that she and Grayson, Henry, Arthur and Jasper where able to share their dreams and kind of dream together. 

The boys needed Liv's help with a game so she helped them without blinking an eye. She had to replace Anabel.

Liv and Henry share their dreams quite often. And so they start to fall in love with each other. A little sweet love story.

The end is quite thrilling but I don't wanna give away anything of that.

Important characters:
a kind and lovable girl who loves riddles.

Liv's new stepbrother. A handsome and sporty guy.

Liv's dream sharing friend - they fall in love with each other.

Anabels boyfriend who does everything she tells him to do.

A young woman suffering from a mental illness. She was a member of a sect for the first years of her life. 

5 out of 5 stars

Mittwoch, 21. Oktober 2015

Kakaokuchen mit Kakaobuttercreme

Sehr, sehr lecker.

Zutaten Teig:
  • 225 g Zucker
  • 150 g Mehl
  • 6 Eier
  • 1 Pkg. Vanillezucker
  • 2 TL Backpulver
  • 2 TL Kakapulver
  • 1 Pkg. Schokopudding

Zutaten Creme:
  • 150 g Butter
  • 70 g Staubzucker
  • 1 Pkg. Kakakopulver
  • 50 g Trinkkakao (nach belieben)
  • 3 EL heißes Wasser

Zubereitung Kuchen:
  • Eier trennen
  • Eiweiß steif schlagen
  • Zucker und Vanillezucker unter das Eiweiß rühren
  • Mehl, Puddingpulver, Kakao und Backpulver unterrühren
  • ca. 35 Minuten bei 220 Grad Ober-, Unterhitze backen
  • gut auskühlen lassen
  • einmal quer durchschneiden

Zubereitung Creme:
  • alle Zutaten zusammen mixen
  • nach belieben etwas mehr Zucker zu geben

Zubereitung fertig:
  • einen Teil der Creme auf den ersten Boden streichen
  • 2. Boden darauf legen
  • restliche Creme verstreichen
  • Dekorieren

  • vor dem servieren, mindestens 2 Stunden kühlen

Montag, 19. Oktober 2015

Sternenmond - colors of life 3 - Mella Dumont

The third and last part of the Triology

Lina tried to set up Angie with some guy but she only had eyes for Marius, which was really hard to understand for Lina, she still was a little skeptical about him. 

When Siegbert's wife died everyone had to attend the funeral, it was horrifying. At least the twins of Siegbert did not seem to be as bad as him after all. They even helped Leo, Lina and Henning to bring Siegbert down once and for all.

Marius had to move to Munich. As Lina helped him to buy furniture for his new apartment he told her about his rehabilitation. Lina was shocked.

In order to keep up the facade Lina and Leo had to get engaged. They were not really happy about it but it was necessary.

Professor Dr. Radelsberger took Lina under his wing. Therefore she found her vocation. Bina was not allowed to work with Lina anymore which was perfect for Lina.

Angie got pregnant and was about to break down. It was too much for her to take - the father of her child lived in Munich, she still had to graduate and handle all the other stuff. Luckily Lina was there to help her through this rough patch.

After an emergency meeting of the "good" Wagners, Leo and Lina got send to Siegbert. They knew it was a trap but they get help from the chiefs of Mahler.

As they reached the castle they started the last fight. Henning and Siegbert - neither of them became chief of the clan.

Angie and Marius gave birth to a healthy child and decided to move to Angies parents.

I'm not gona give away who became clan chief though ;-)

My opinion about this book:
It is a rollercoster of emotions and moods, it is really fascinating. The ending is pretty sweet - the explanation of the "Starmoon"

5 of 5 stars

Sonntag, 18. Oktober 2015

1000 pageviews

wooow - 1000 page views are managed. I was just really stunned when I saw it, 1005 page views - wooooow.

I thank you all who see my blog, read it or whatever :D

It just makes me great fun to try new recipes, reading new books and to blog about it.

I can not believe it - I am just over the moon.

Samstag, 17. Oktober 2015

lavender moon - colors of life 2 - Mella Dumont

Lina thought that now everything is gonna be just fine. Leo and her were totally in love with each and she also was doing great in college. And on top of it Marius finally seemed to be a better person.

But then Linas teacher turned out to be a total idiot with no capability to help her with developing her gift. 

Leo's sister Marie appears and asks Lina for help. Marie can also feel colors but she can't shut it out if she wants to, she feels everything 24-7.

Leo couldn't help her because he was in Munich. So Lina helped her but she didn't tell Leo about it. But as he returned from Munich early, with a pretty expensive gift for Lina, he was about to find out about her little secret. 

Certainly everything turned out just fine for Marie and she got teaching lessons.

Lina got a letter from her aunts lawyer. She was in a persistent vegetative state. She wanted her to stop the chief of the Wagner clan. 

Lina received a job offer from Bine, former employee of her teacher, and she took it under consideration.

The characters:
Leo's sister, she has been sent to bording schools all her life. She can feel colors too but can't control it.

His former name was Darko. He became a better person after his uncle sent him to an aquaintence of him to teach him how to be good. 

Dr. Lichtenberger:
Lina's teacher, gynecologist, works with the chief of the Wagner clan. Her firm collects data from people.

Siegbert Wagner:
Chief of the Wagner clan. 

Lina's aunt, currently in persistend vegetative state sinced she was attacked by members of the Wagner clan because she found out all the secrets of Siegbert Wagner.

Employee of Dr. Lichtenberger, a good friend of Lina. She's related to the Mahlers. She can tell if people lie.

My opinion about the book:
The cover of the book - Lavender Moon - is a dream. The content is good and thrilling, I couldn't stop reading.

5 out of 5 stars

Mittwoch, 14. Oktober 2015

Donuts mit "Donuts-Maker"

diese kleinen Donuts schmecken einfach lecker und sind einfach zubereitet.


  • 400 g Mehl
  • 250 g Zucker
  • 1 Pkg. Backpulver
  • 1 Pkg. Vanillezucker
  • 250 ml Milch
  • 2 Eier
  • 3 EL zerlassene Butter


  • "Donut-Maker" vorheizen
  • alle Zutaten vermischen und mixen
  • "Donut-Maker" einfetten
  • Donuts ca. 6 Minuten backen


  • wenn der Teig zu flüßig ist, noch etwas Mehl dazu geben
  • die Form nur zu ca. 2/3 füllen
  • mit Schokoglasur schmecken dir Donuts einfach genial
  • auch lecker - mit zerlassener Butter die Donuts bestreichen und Zucker und Zimt darüber streuen

Freitag, 9. Oktober 2015


ein ganz einfacher Kuchen, er ist schnell gemacht, schmeckt toll und hält sich ca. 1 Woche.

  • 500 g Butter
  • 500 g Zucker
  • 1 Pkg. Vanillezucker
  • 8 Eier
  • 500 g Mehl
  • 1 Pkg. Backpulver
  • Butter und Zucker schaumig mixen
  • Mehl und Backpulver vermischen und einmixen
  • Gugelhupfform einfetten und Teig einfüllen
  • bei 180 Grad Ober- Unterhitze ca. 1 Stunde backen
  • Kuchen in Stücke schneiden und in Frischhaltefolie wickeln - 1 Woche haltbar im Kühlschrank
  • Mit Schokoglasur schmeckt er noch besser

Dienstag, 6. Oktober 2015

Raspberry moon - Colors of Life 1 - Mella Dumont

nun, da ich jetzt mal die "Publikums-Statistik" betrachtet habe, und die meisten aus Amerika sind, die meinen Blog besuchen, möchte ich mal versuchen meinen Blog auf Englisch zu schreiben.

Lina goes to Trier, for her psychology degree. Her family does not agree with her going to Trier, they want her to visit a university in England.

Angie (Lina's best friend) and Lina, want to visit the city, they go to a nice restaurant for lunch, but they did not know that something evil is going to happen there. The 2 girls were eating and laughing and all of a sudden Lina felt sick, but they did not have a clue that the attraktiv young man right next to them was causing her mood swing.

They leave the restaurant another young man follows them. Leo, a very handsome man who happens to be the cousin from "evil", Darko, the man from the restaurant.

On the next day, Lina starts seeing colors - which were the auras of people. OMG what is happening to her? She is a "Mahler" and Mahler women can see the colors of life.

Leo and Lina get closer and fall in love - it's a beautiful and chased love story.
Leo is a "Wagner", the men of this family can sense feelings of other people.

These two families has been fighting each other for years now, but Lina and Leo are like yin and yang, they are inseparable and so they manage to overcome the hatred of their families.
Darko repeatedly tried to intimidate Lina, but he can not take her down.

my opinion:
I love this trilogy, I read this book within 4 hours. The content, the characters and the places are incredibly well described and easy to imagine.

Mella Dumont is an incredible writer. The book cover is beautiful, these colors and the moon - wow.

I think it's awesome that "raspberry moon" occurs in the text when Leo and Lina fell in love with each other. She said, that she can see a "raspberry moon".

the main characters:
a psychology major, from the "Mahler" family. She can see the colors of life and falls in love with a "Wagner".

He is a "Wagner", but he is also sensitive, friendly, helpful and lovable. He can feel and manipulate the emotions of others.

She is Lina's best friend and roommate. She is also a psychology major and helps Lina with her gift.

He is Leo's cousin, and also a "Wagner", but he is purely evil.

5 from 5 stars.

Sonntag, 4. Oktober 2015


Ein wunderbarer Sommerkuchen - frische Erdbeeren und Kuchen in einem - was will man mehr?

  • 300 g Butter
  • 300 g Staubzucker
  • 1 Pkg. Vanillezucker
  • 5 Eier
  • 300 g Mehl
  • 1/2 Pkg. Backpulver
  • 500 g Erdbeeren

  • Butter, Zucker und Vanillezucker schaumig mixen
  • Eier nach und nach einrühren
  • Mehl und Backpulver unterheben
  • Erdbeeren in ca. 2x2 cm Stücke schneiden
  • Masse in Backblech füllen
  • Erdbeeren eindrücken
  • bei 160 Grad Ober- Unterhitze ca. 1 Stunde backen

  • keine ganz reifen Erdbeeren nehmen - zu viel Flüßigkeit
  • Erdbeeren mit Mehl bestäuben

Freitag, 2. Oktober 2015

Grey - E. L. James

Fifty shades of Grey - erzählt von Christian Grey.

zum Inhalt:
Anfangs war es etwas ungewohnt, aus seiner Sicht zu lesen, da ich ja die Trilogie kurz vorher nochmals las, aber nach ein paar Seiten hatte ich mich daran gewöhnt,

Der Inhalt ist der selbe wie der, der Shades of Grey Trilogie. Dieses Buch ist mir trotzdem einen Blogeintrag wert.

wooooooooow, ich wusste ja, dass dieses Buch einfach genial und erotisch sein musste, doch es hat all meine Erwartungen überschritten.

Christian Grey, ein erfolgreicher, ziemlich junger und verdammt heißer CEO.

Er kann alles haben, er bekommt jede Frau und weiß dies auch. Doch als die schüchterne Anastasia Steele in sein Leben stolpert, kann er sich nicht mehr beherrschen.

Es ist genial zu lesen, wir er versucht nicht mehr an Ana zu denken. Es ist auch wahnsinnig erotisch und einfach fesselnd.

Man erfährt viel über Christian, all seine Gedanken und Wünsche, alles was in seinen wunderschönen Kopf herumspukt, wird in diesen Buch offenbart.

Das Cover finde ich persönlich einfach herrlich - diese Auge, dieses Grau.

Viel gibt es eigentlich nicht darüber zu Berichten, doch es lohnt sich es zu lesen.

5 von 5 Sternen