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Raspberry moon - Colors of Life 1 - Mella Dumont

nun, da ich jetzt mal die "Publikums-Statistik" betrachtet habe, und die meisten aus Amerika sind, die meinen Blog besuchen, möchte ich mal versuchen meinen Blog auf Englisch zu schreiben.

Lina goes to Trier, for her psychology degree. Her family does not agree with her going to Trier, they want her to visit a university in England.

Angie (Lina's best friend) and Lina, want to visit the city, they go to a nice restaurant for lunch, but they did not know that something evil is going to happen there. The 2 girls were eating and laughing and all of a sudden Lina felt sick, but they did not have a clue that the attraktiv young man right next to them was causing her mood swing.

They leave the restaurant another young man follows them. Leo, a very handsome man who happens to be the cousin from "evil", Darko, the man from the restaurant.

On the next day, Lina starts seeing colors - which were the auras of people. OMG what is happening to her? She is a "Mahler" and Mahler women can see the colors of life.

Leo and Lina get closer and fall in love - it's a beautiful and chased love story.
Leo is a "Wagner", the men of this family can sense feelings of other people.

These two families has been fighting each other for years now, but Lina and Leo are like yin and yang, they are inseparable and so they manage to overcome the hatred of their families.
Darko repeatedly tried to intimidate Lina, but he can not take her down.

my opinion:
I love this trilogy, I read this book within 4 hours. The content, the characters and the places are incredibly well described and easy to imagine.

Mella Dumont is an incredible writer. The book cover is beautiful, these colors and the moon - wow.

I think it's awesome that "raspberry moon" occurs in the text when Leo and Lina fell in love with each other. She said, that she can see a "raspberry moon".

the main characters:
a psychology major, from the "Mahler" family. She can see the colors of life and falls in love with a "Wagner".

He is a "Wagner", but he is also sensitive, friendly, helpful and lovable. He can feel and manipulate the emotions of others.

She is Lina's best friend and roommate. She is also a psychology major and helps Lina with her gift.

He is Leo's cousin, and also a "Wagner", but he is purely evil.

5 from 5 stars.

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