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lavender moon - colors of life 2 - Mella Dumont

Lina thought that now everything is gonna be just fine. Leo and her were totally in love with each and she also was doing great in college. And on top of it Marius finally seemed to be a better person.

But then Linas teacher turned out to be a total idiot with no capability to help her with developing her gift. 

Leo's sister Marie appears and asks Lina for help. Marie can also feel colors but she can't shut it out if she wants to, she feels everything 24-7.

Leo couldn't help her because he was in Munich. So Lina helped her but she didn't tell Leo about it. But as he returned from Munich early, with a pretty expensive gift for Lina, he was about to find out about her little secret. 

Certainly everything turned out just fine for Marie and she got teaching lessons.

Lina got a letter from her aunts lawyer. She was in a persistent vegetative state. She wanted her to stop the chief of the Wagner clan. 

Lina received a job offer from Bine, former employee of her teacher, and she took it under consideration.

The characters:
Leo's sister, she has been sent to bording schools all her life. She can feel colors too but can't control it.

His former name was Darko. He became a better person after his uncle sent him to an aquaintence of him to teach him how to be good. 

Dr. Lichtenberger:
Lina's teacher, gynecologist, works with the chief of the Wagner clan. Her firm collects data from people.

Siegbert Wagner:
Chief of the Wagner clan. 

Lina's aunt, currently in persistend vegetative state sinced she was attacked by members of the Wagner clan because she found out all the secrets of Siegbert Wagner.

Employee of Dr. Lichtenberger, a good friend of Lina. She's related to the Mahlers. She can tell if people lie.

My opinion about the book:
The cover of the book - Lavender Moon - is a dream. The content is good and thrilling, I couldn't stop reading.

5 out of 5 stars

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