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Sternenmond - colors of life 3 - Mella Dumont

The third and last part of the Triology

Lina tried to set up Angie with some guy but she only had eyes for Marius, which was really hard to understand for Lina, she still was a little skeptical about him. 

When Siegbert's wife died everyone had to attend the funeral, it was horrifying. At least the twins of Siegbert did not seem to be as bad as him after all. They even helped Leo, Lina and Henning to bring Siegbert down once and for all.

Marius had to move to Munich. As Lina helped him to buy furniture for his new apartment he told her about his rehabilitation. Lina was shocked.

In order to keep up the facade Lina and Leo had to get engaged. They were not really happy about it but it was necessary.

Professor Dr. Radelsberger took Lina under his wing. Therefore she found her vocation. Bina was not allowed to work with Lina anymore which was perfect for Lina.

Angie got pregnant and was about to break down. It was too much for her to take - the father of her child lived in Munich, she still had to graduate and handle all the other stuff. Luckily Lina was there to help her through this rough patch.

After an emergency meeting of the "good" Wagners, Leo and Lina got send to Siegbert. They knew it was a trap but they get help from the chiefs of Mahler.

As they reached the castle they started the last fight. Henning and Siegbert - neither of them became chief of the clan.

Angie and Marius gave birth to a healthy child and decided to move to Angies parents.

I'm not gona give away who became clan chief though ;-)

My opinion about this book:
It is a rollercoster of emotions and moods, it is really fascinating. The ending is pretty sweet - the explanation of the "Starmoon"

5 of 5 stars

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